Busted! Don’t Believe These Frozen Food Myths!

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Today’s crisis has led most consumers to buy and consume frozen food due to food security. These frozen foods are conveniently packed and easy to eat with high nutritional value and are quite delicious. However, many consumers don’t opt for frozen food as they consider it a last resort and believe that frozen food is highly processed and unsafe. 

These misconceptions have been floating around because a decade ago, frozen food was pictured as unhealthy meals. Consequently, accepting these past myths and false facts can prevent you from having a frozen meal that you can thaw and enjoy at a moment’s notice. To help you steer clear of these frosty myths, EZmeals has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about frozen food.

Myth 1: Fresh food is always better.
This myth exists because it only uses “taste” as the main factor in evaluating food quality. Of course, the taste is important, but so are other considerations such as convenience, storage, and food safety. At EZmeals, frozen meal trays demonstrate that you can have good tasting food with additional benefits over fresh food.

Myth 2: Frozen meals are unhealthy
Another perpetuating myth is that frozen meals are unhealthy because they are highly processed. This may undoubtedly have been the case in the past when there were limited options, and frozen meals were being mass-produced, so it required preservatives to maintain shelf life, mainly with the use of high amounts of sodium. However, unprocessed food retains its quality for up to three months when frozen. Our frozen meal trays are prepared in small batches and do not require preservatives or added salt. We also stamp the production date on each tray, so you know when it was made.

Myth 3: Ready to eat meals are expensive
Another common misconception is that prepared food is costly and that people can save money by cooking their own meals. However, cooking from scratch requires time and talent, which not everyone has. Then there is a lot of waste of ingredients brought to prepare the meal but not fully utilized. The extra food is stored in the fridge, where it continues to decay and is ultimately thrown out if not consumed soon. Even cooked food has a limited shelf life in the fridge before risking food safety. The ideal solution to avoid waste is to buy what you need and consume what you make. But buying smaller quantities most times costs more than buying in bulk. Then what happens when your schedule changes or you become ill? That food sitting in the fridge ends up being wasted. If, on the other hand, you had a freezer full of meal trays, there would be no wasted time, energy, or money.

If you’re looking to steer clear of these myths, reach out to EZmeals. We are one of the leading frozen food delivery services, delivering frozen meals across Thornhill, Woodbridge, Maple, Concord, Vaughan, Aurora, Richmond Hill, North York, King City, and the surrounding areas. We launched during the pandemic crisis, and now we provide clean, wholesome food that is readily accessible and easy to heat. We focus on nutrition and individual portions, and our meals are conveniently packed in microwaveable containers, ready to eat in a few minutes!

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